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Just Dance: The Health and Self-Esteem Benefits of Dance for Menopausal Women

August 13, 2021

Many studies have shown exercise and physical activity help minimize many of the health problems associated with menopause such as weight gain, body composition and overall fitness, but we often think of exercise as a “have to do” rather than a “want to do” activity.  Enter dance! A new study, published in Menopause, the Journal…

Mammogram Results After the Covid Vaccine

Mammogram Results After the Covid Vaccine: What You Should Know & Why Not to Worry

August 6, 2021

Learn about the changes the vaccine can cause on mammograms, what you should know and why you don’t need to worry.

Menopause and Exercise Intolerance Small Progressive Steps to Build Physical Strength and Endurance

Menopause and Exercise Intolerance: How to Improve Physical Strength and Endurance

July 26, 2021

For someone with menopause and exercise intolerance, getting enough physical activity feels impossible. Learn how to build up your strength!

7 Commonly Used Herbs For Menopause (+ Do They Work_)

7 Commonly Used Herbs For Menopause (+ Do They Work?)

July 5, 2021

These 7 herbs for menopause are commonly used, but do they work? See what science says about their effectiveness.