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Have you ever wished you could just sit and chat with your doctor as a friend — as someone who has the answers to those everyday health questions, but without all the “doctor lingo”? Often it can be difficult to sift through the information and find out what the answers truly are. Here at The Insider MD, come take a seat, grab your fuzzy socks, and let’s talk women’s health.

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Every Step Counts…But Focus on Pleasure and Consistency Over Numbers

Let’s face it, we love health tech apps and gadgets. Step-counters, smart watches, weight and fitness trackers…the data is fun and motivational..but is it true? Everyone seems to have heard […]

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Can We Predict When Menopause Will Begin?

When will you start experiencing “the change”?  It’s something many of us wonder about, especially if you’re well into your 30’s or early 40’s. You may be thinking of having […]

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What Can You Do About Midlife Weight Creep?

Weight creep, where the numbers on the scale gradually increase, tends to happen with age. Each new decade brings body changes, most notably, a decrease in calorie-burning muscle mass and […]

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