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Women need clear information and great resources for experiencing perimenopause, menopause, and even post-menopause. Because there has been a lack of guidance until very recently, women have suffered alone in silence and discomfort. We need to change that by talking about menopause openly and sharing good information.

I’m here to teach, comfort and empower you to experience the menopause journey with knowledge and confidence.

Mastering Menopause is designed to help you understand your body’s natural process, create a proactive mindset, and love your life at 40 and beyond!

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I’m ready

Hi! I'm Dr. Ellen Johnson.

(But please call me Ellen)

I experienced a rapid transition to menopause, when I was only 42, due to chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. It was at a time when my life and career had just started to soar. Spoiler alert: I’m okay! Still here 20 years later! I had drenching hot flashes and night sweats, I couldn’t sleep, my memory decided to work part-time, my cycles were unpredictable and, at times, very heavy. Beyond all that fun, I felt fatigued, invisible, and very alone. I continued to work and didn’t talk about my (sometimes pretty embarrassing) and disruptive symptoms. I just did my best to power through.

Despite all my medical training and having a great team of doctors, no one really had any answers and I felt lost. Soon after, I began to notice I wasn’t alone. Many of my patients were quietly struggling with menopause – not just those who were undergoing breast cancer treatment- and the consensus feedback was that their doctors largely dismissed their symptoms as part of aging. And therein lies the problem: women need access and education, so we can openly discuss what is happening inside our bodies with our doctors from an informed stance! How much we know and how we approach our bodies affects the choices we make, not just with menopause but in every aspect of our mental and physical health. 

It is my greatest joy to counsel and empower women to understand and love their bodies and gain a confidence they never thought possible in midlife and beyond. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve women every single day.

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It’s not just about menopause!

There’s far more to women’s health and wellness at midlife than menopause, hot flashes and hormone replacement. 

Mastering Menopause was created by a woman physician who understands women’s unique concerns. It includes everything you need to love your body, look and feel your best and live your life with abundant joy and renewed energy.

You deserve the gift of health and self love!

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"I felt like I was sitting down with the doctor I trust most...but in the comfort of my home, with the freedom to take as long as I needed to process, and to ask unlimited questions. This course is a MUST for all women in their 40s. It is a well thought out guide to living your best life in menopause."

—Angie M, Physician, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

What’s Inside

Easy, Evidence Based Information and Solutions

I have curated and simplified the most current, evidence-based women’s health information to answer every possible question about menopause. When you enroll in my Mastering Menopause course, you’ll automatically receive news and information about treatments, studies, advice, and progress.

A Personalized Toolkit

I’ve designed a customizable plan that begins with you. I’ll help you build a menopause toolkit that your body and mind will thank you for. You’ll get a personalized health history form that will help you organize your relevant medical information in one place. You’ll pick remedies best suited for your specific needs and preferences. You’ll have a solid grasp of what to discuss and where your preferences lean already! And finally, you’ll have a list of informed questions to ask your doctor so they can get straight to the point and not waste precious time.

With your Preferences and Options worksheet in hand, no more leaving the doctor’s office frustrated about the question you forgot to ask!

Flexible Scheduling

We are busy women! That’s why when you sign up for Mastering Menopause, your lessons will be available 24-7 in a clean, simple format that’s easy to read and digest. No boring lectures or extended courses. I’ve designed this to be fun, so your education doesn’t feel like schoolwork. You can create your own adventure, on your own time, by selecting only the topics that apply to your specific needs. Everything is linked so you can find exactly what you need to know!

Your lifetime access to all of the program’s content about perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause costs less than a visit to the doctor.


Feel Better Now

What You’ll Learn

Inside the 6 modules of the program, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions in a simple, easy to access format that is always available to you on your phone, tablet or computer!


Lesson 1: The Basics

In Lesson One, I’ll take you to mini-medical school, and, in a fun and clear format, remind you of the basic female menstrual anatomy and hormone cycles so you will have a good framework to understand the reasons behind the symptoms, treatments and remedies we will be discussing throughout the course.  I promise it will be fun, brief, and mostly.…simple, clear and highly relevant.


Lesson 2: Signs & Symptoms

Here you’ll find a well organized, easy to navigate list of all the changes you may experience in your body and discuss how the menopause transition can affect mood, sleep, sex drive and relationships. The menopause experience is natural, and unique to each woman. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms. But, don’t worry. Information is power. Just knowing what to possibly expect, and how to know whether what you are experiencing is a normal part of menopause or something that you should discuss with your doctor will be empowering. And, for each symptom, you’ll find curated information about the available management options so you don’t have to go searching.


Lesson 3: Treatments & Remedies

In the third lesson, we’ll continue your education by discussing the treatments and remedies available based on sound medical evidence. I’ll break down exactly what’s available for each symptom type so you can learn about the areas most helpful to your experience. You can skip over the information that may not apply to you. But, you’ll have a good reference if you begin to experience additional symptoms in the future. Knowing what your options are and what does and doesn’t work feels good!! No need to waste time and money on things that haven’t proven effective.


Lesson 4: Midlife Weight

In the fourth lesson, I’ll help you understand the evidence regarding the major diet and exercise plans so you can pick the best option for you without having to navigate through mountains of articles, books and Google searches. Wondering what the menopause medical experts recommend? I’ll break it down for you here and bring you the important take home message.


Lesson 5: Look Good, Feel Good

In Lesson Five, we’ll discuss the fun things.…how to look good and feel your best! We’ll dive into skin care, including options from lotions to lasers, Botox and more. You don’t have to suffer with hair in places you don’t want, and we’ll discuss what to do about thinning hair. Tip to toe, we’ll address, teeth and oral hygiene, clothing, hands, feet, etc. We’ll cover it all!


Lesson 6: The (Good) Life After Menopause

This is perhaps the most important section of all! I’ll dispel much of the negative hype about menopause. We’ll discuss the relationship of mindset to health and aging. Not to worry…the news is good! Research shows that the post menopause years are a time when we are often the most comfortable in our own skin and free to explore creative, athletic and business pursuits that we were far too busy to even think about earlier in our lives. Optimizing your health leaves you in the best position to fully enjoy all the opportunities that lie ahead! You may enjoy this section most of all!

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What Women Are Saying

"Mastering Menopause has EVERYTHING! It not only discusses menopause, but wellness, other medical issues as we age, relationships, mindset.... It's a fantastic place to learn and to help us manage and navigate these next years."

— Adele H.

"I don't even have perimenopause yet but wanted to learn about what to expect. This course absolutely blew my mind. There was so much I wasn't aware of and never would've known to look out for. I learned so much and now feel ready to tackle my own menopause journey. Thank you so much Ellen!"

— Anne O, Writer, Influencer

"Mastering Menopause delivers knowledgeable advice and reassuring guidance to help women navigate their own menopause experience."

— Laura K, Attorney

"Whether you are looking forward to menopause or dreading it, this site will give you the information you need to adjust to the next phase of your life in a healthy and happy way".

— Brooke Guthrie, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

"Mastering Menopause is a friendly and approachable guide to an overwhelming and often avoided topic. The content is comprehensive, reassuring, and chock-full of useful tips and resources every woman should know about."

— Shira Gill, Organizer, Lifestyle Expert, Author: Minimalista

"Great overview of a topic that goes largely overlooked and is in some circles taboo. Easy to navigate course which can be moved through at your own pace."

— Michele D, Physician, Program Director

"Ellen is an incredible resource for all perimenopausal women! Her course offers a wealth of information in a way that is easy to digest and simple to follow. I love how customizable it is, as no woman's experience is exactly alike!"

— Rachael M, Nurse Practitioner, Professional Coach

"This is a fantastic resource for anyone in and around menopause. It is very comprehensive and easy to follow in terms that are easy to understand for anyone. I love how I can jump to topics that are specific to my needs and have all of the research all in one place. There is information that surpassed my expectations about women’s health and skincare that I didn’t necessarily relate to menopause in the course as well. What an incredibly well thought out, easy to understand, and approachable course!"

— Kathryn R, Realtor, Educator, Business Owner

"Mastering Menopause is going to be my “one stop shop” as I go through this journey."

— Cyndi U, Director, Human Resources

"This course is completely comprehensive! It answered all questions I had about perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause and addressed topics I did not even know were related to menopause. I liked that the course included the mind-body connection and did not simply include physical changes, but had psychological changes and impacts as well. The recommendations were fabulous, extensive, and thorough. Highly recommend!"

—Dana M, Psychologist

"I loved this course! My first thought was "since I am a medical professional, I probably will not learn much more than I already know about menopause". Well, I was proven wrong. While reading through the different sections, I found myself wanting to read more. I was especially interested in the "look good feel good" section and the helpful tips about smile, skin and mental health. The information provided is easy to read, thorough, and engaging. I now know what to expect going forward with my life and how to prepare, accept, and stay ahead of these changes."

—Tanya B, Physican Assistant, Emergency Medicine

"Ellen cares about women's health and has devoted her life to medicine. She has a deep understanding and empathy of all the issues women face and I appreciate this resource tremendously. I trust her recommendations and will follow the advice given throughout this course."

—Lori T.

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