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Over the years, I kept hearing the same thing from women: that it’s hard to get questions answered about the changes we notice in our bodies as we approach midlife, and even more difficult to understand the ever-changing guidelines about how to manage symptoms.

Searching for answers can be confusing and difficult to navigate, which can feel overwhelming or discouraging at a stage in life where having clarity and feeling motivated is crucial to our health.

That’s what got me thinking…

What if it was easy?

I’ve always had a strong desire to help women by sharing as many medical resources as I can, but in a busy practice with limited time for each patient, I often found it just wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more. I began giving community lectures and writing articles, but still felt something more was needed.  I wanted to reach more women. I recognized a need for women to be able to access medical information doctors have access to, but in an easy, accessible, personalized format.

Adding life coaching to my medical training opened up a whole new way for me to help women find their path toward optimum health. It has created a new avenue for bridging the information gap and helping women create their own wellness journeys in a more impactful, results-oriented way.

That’s how I came to create The Insider MD and the Pillars of Midlife Health program.

The purpose

What is Insider MD?

InsiderMD is designed for you. It’s women’s health, simplified. It clarifies complex medical literature to create useful takeaways so you can make informed choices about your body including testing, diet, exercise, and treatments. This information is arranged in one place so you can create your own personal toolkit.

Insider MD is a practical, easy-to-use resource for women who want to make educated decisions about their health that is rooted in science, not fleeting trends; where women can get answers about issues that arise as we transition out of the reproductive years into menopause. Issues like changing moods, skincare, sleep, and sex, as well as life changes we experience as children leave home, elderly parents need care, or we go through divorce or the loss of a loved one.

The cornerstone program of Insider MD, Pillars of Midlife Health, is a six-part series designed to make your journey toward optimum health simple and so you can look and feel your best. Modules include Mindset, Diet, Exercise, Skincare, Sleep, and Social. These pillars cut through the clutter and offer current, physician-curated advice without you having to make appointments with multiple specialists. Also included in this program are weekly live sessions with me where we will discuss the week’s content and I answer your questions. It’s fun and engaging, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn!

Mastering Menopause and Mastering Mindset are specialized courses for those who want to dive deeper. After completing either the Pillars of Midlife Health program or one of the masters-level courses, you will be eligible for private 1:1 coaching with me. Telehealth coaching is available in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

I’ve done all the legwork and curated the best medical science so you can feel confident about making decisions about your health, boost your wellbeing, and thrive in each new stage of life.

Feeling better doesn’t have to be complicated!

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