Take control of your health,
Feel better and Thrive

Take control of your health,
Feel better and Thrive


About the Insider MD

I want women to feel confident, comfortable and empowered to create healthy, happy lives they love. I’m Dr. Ellen Johnson. As a physician, I’ve been listening to women’s health concerns for over 25 years and noticed one recurring theme: no one talks about women’s midlife health or menopause. It’s a huge problem rarely discussed, and most doctors receive very little training in this area and are not always able to keep up to date on new studies, progress, or treatments. Online research and self-diagnosing are overwhelming and can be confusing. Having clarity and motivation at midlife is crucial to our health. That’s what got me thinking…

what if it was easy?

My greatest joy is helping women feel happy

That’s it. I recognized a need for women to have a go-to website for easy access to the latest medical information doctors have about their health in an engaging, easy-to-navigate format, so I created The Insider MD: Women’s Health Simplified. It’s a Guide to Midlife and Menopause for women that eliminates worries and anxieties about naturally occurring aging processes like menopause, shifts in sexual desire, and visible changes to our skin and bodies.

But it’s more than just about health:

it’s also about the real things we experience at midlife

feelings of invisibility, loss of identity, changes in our looks, bodies and health

loss of loved ones, divorce, stressful jobs

other experiences including being caretakers to aging parents, raising teenagers and facing empty nests.

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Life can be more fun, relaxing, and rewarding

Midlife and menopause can be both confusing and liberating. So I've designed one curated source to prepare and guide women through this phase of life. My goal is to help women feel less anxious, more optimistic, and healthier as we move throughout midlife. I hope you find the tools, support and joy you need inside Mastering Menopause.


What is Mastering Menopause?

Mastering Menopause is a new women’s health resource, designed for you. It’s women’s midlife health, simplified. It is a 6 module course of menopause medical health information and remedies, curated and simplified for you by a woman physician, into useful takeaways so you are empowered to make informed choices about your body. You’ll find everything you need to know about symptoms, remedies, testing, midlife weight loss, exercise, skincare, head to toe beauty and style after age 40. This information is arranged in one place so you can create your own personal toolkit.

Mastering Menopause is practical, easy-to-use resource for women entering midlife who want proactive and to make educated decisions about their health that is rooted in science, not fleeting trends.

A place where women can get answers about issues that arise as we transition out of the reproductive years into menopause. Issues such as; changing moods, skincare, sleep, and sex. As well as life changes we experience as children leave home, elderly parents need care, or we go through divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Six-module series designed to make your journey through midlife and menopause informed and guided towards optimizing your health so you can look and feel your best.

An Ask Ellen feature, where you can submit questions about the content and I answer them. Everyone learns from the questions others ask. It’s fun and engaging, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn!

The latest evidence-based medical guidelines, organized into an easy to navigate format so you can feel confident about making decisions about your health, boost your well-being, and thrive in this new stage of life.

Women's Midlife Health. Simplified.

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Menopause doesn’t have to be something you suffer through in silence.
Get all your questions answered by a doctor who has been there herself.

the modules Inside Mastering Menopause are:


the basics

A fun & brief overview of the basic female menstrual anatomy, and hormone cycles so you will have a good framework to understand the changes of midlife, aging, menopause and the reasons behind the symptoms, treatments and remedies


Signs + Symptoms

An easy-to-navigate list of all the changes you may experience in your body and discuss how the menopause transition can affect different areas of your life.


Treatments & Remedies

We’ll continue your education by discussing the treatments and remedies available based on sound medical evidence.


Midlife Weight

In the fourth lesson, I’ll help you understand the evidence regarding the major diet and exercise plans so you can pick the best option for you


Look Good, Feel Good

In Lesson Five, we’ll discuss the fun things.…how to look good and feel your best! We’ll dive into skin care, including options from lotions to lasers, Botox and more.


The (Good) Life After Menopause

In Lesson Six, I’ll dispel much of the negative hype about menopause. We’ll discuss the relationship of mindset to health and aging. Not to worry…the news is good!

I’ve done all the legwork and curated the latest evidence-based medical guidelines into one place

The information in these lessons will cut through the clutter and offer current physician-curated guidance without you having to search through the internet or make appointments with multiple specialists.

I'll help you understand and collect the health history and personal preferences (such as hormone therapy, natural treatment options) you need to know so you can target your discussions with your physican to optimize your midlife and menopause health. Being prepared is empowering, reduces anxiety over the unknown, and helps you enjoy taking charge of your health journey.

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what we are celebrating...

Mastering Menopause is a friendly and approachable guide to an overwhelming and often avoided topic.


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  • BA Chemistry, Bucknell University
  • MD, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • Internship, Family Medicine, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
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